Mohammed's Biography
I was born in the north-eastern Iranian town of Bojnourd in 1948 into an artistic family, with a grandfather who sculpted and a father who was a well-known local painter.

I learnt to paint from childhood under my father's tuterledge and had my first exhibition at 14, when my paintings were displayed alongside those of Bojnourd's other artists. Three years later, during my school holidays, I went to Tehran where I met the famous Iranian realist painter, Tikran Bazel. I started a drawing course at Bazel's studio and the next year, moved onto a painting course at the same studio. I stayed in Tehran for my university education, studying at The College of Decorative Arts (now Tehran Art University). There, I became interested in the techniques of various masters like Cezanne, Monet, and became Bazel's assistant tutor, eventually teaching my own private drawing classes.

In 1974, after I'd completed my studies and military service, I became the art expert at the Anthropology Centre of Iran. Ten years later, in 1984, I moved to Britain with my wife and two sons, where I was granted an Artist's Visa and where I have lived since, working as a full- time artist.

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